General FAQ

Want to know more about coming to a PDX Playwrights meeting? Here’s where to start.



Q: Where does PDXP meet?
A: Most often we have been meeting in the third-floor conference room of Portland Center Stage, the Gerding Theater at the Armory, 128 NW Eleventh Ave. An alternate site in recent use has been Stonehenge Studios, 3508 SW Corbett Ave. (In past years we met at a gallery space on Sandy Boulevard, but its transformation to a bookstore prompted us to explore different sites in 2013.)

Q: When does PDXP meet?
A: We meet on first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. Because the facilitators are human beings coming from work and other responsibilities, on rare occasions the meetings do not begin precisely on time. However, we make every effort to arrive about 10 or 15 minutes before the meeting start time. At the conference room location, a PDXP administration team member will be on hand to assist the facility concierge in guiding attendees to the meeting space.



Q: Can anyone attend a meeting? Do I need to be a member first?
A: We hold public meetings. Anyone is welcome to attend. If you do you plan on coming, though, please send us an RSVP email. It really helps us to know how many people to expect.

Q: Does it cost to get into meetings?
A: It is always free to attend PDXP meetings. We do need to pay for our meeting space, though — so we pass the hat at the end of each meeting. Some people chip in less, some more; $3-5 is typical. If you can’t (or don’t want to) pay, no one is going to bother you about it.

Q: Is it OK to just sit in?
A: Yes. You are encouraged to attend even if you aren’t bringing a play. Plays are read aloud by whoever attends that night. We always need readers!

Q: I can’t attend for a few months — is that a problem?
A: No. Come when you can. We run our meetings like free-standing events, rather than using a membership model.



Q: How do your meetings get publicized?
A: Via our email list, FaceBook, pdxbackstage, and informal contact with local playwriting teachers.

Q: How do I get onto the email list?
A: There will be a sign-in list at the next meeting. Or, email us now.

Q: Will I be dropped from the email list if I don’t attend for a while?
A: No — not if you don’t want to be.

Q: Can I get off the email list?
A: Of course! Just ask.



Q: Who runs PDXP?
A: There’s a small group of volunteers who administrate PDXP, fluidly sharing tasks. Mostly we communicate with each other by email. Occasionally we hold an organizational meeting at a nearby restaurant, so as to do our work without disrupting the regular reading schedule.

Q: How long has the group been around?
A: Our group was formed in the fall of 2008 by a small group of writers who had recently taken classes from Matt Zrebski (Portland Center Stage) and Karin Magaldi (Portland State University). When the writers began meeting at 23 Sandy Gallery, the name Portland Gallery Playwrights Group (“PG2”) was adopted. In March of 2010, the group went through a renewal, forming an admin team and reaching out to writers at large in the Portland area. At this point we took on our current name: PDX Playwrights.

Q: Is it “PDX Playwrights” or “Portland Playwrights”?
A: It’s PDX Playwrights, pronounced “PEE-DEE-ECKS.” A little sexier, no?

Q: Are you a 501(c)(3) non-profit?
A: No, not yet.